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About Vilicotel

Despre program - Vilicotel Hotelmanagement


This solution was developed by Ambo Systems along with an Austrian company for customers from The Seychelles. The program was known under the name “Coral Management”, and was developed as an “All-in-one” solution, customized for the specific of the Seychelles area.

Based on this know-how, later, the company was able to develop a complex solution, which offers all the functionality needed for hotel management.

Vilicotel is one of the most appreciated hotel management solutions in Austria, having so far over 50 implementations in different hotels in the alpine area.

Our motto: “Best quality for a fair price” can be noticed in our price policy for Vilicotel, and also in our update solutions and the guarantee of permanent development of the product in order to meet all your expectations, and to protect your investment.



The first version of the Vilicotel application was released in October the 15th 2003.


Basic information and technologies used



Vilicotel offers the advantages of server-client technology. It uses a central database that allows access to it from multiple workstations. The information is available for each workstation, but in the same time is protected against unauthorized access.



For the server, Vilicotel uses a Firebird database system. This system is free and also very efficient, thus it allows us to have an attractive price policy for the Vilicotel application. Firebird database system saves all the information in a single file, so that even information from many hotels or pensions can be stored in the same database, making it easier for the management. The Firebird database system can run on Windows and Linux operating systems.


Operating on a single workstation

Vilicotel is able to run on a single workstation, and offer full functionality.



The application was developed in Borland Delphi 7.0. This programming allows fast access to information, offers a user friendly interface, powerful database access functions, web services, and XML documents.

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